Human capital

We have an impeccable work culture and a zero defects scheme where the safety of our employees is essential. We have daily staff training and dedicate more than 75,000 hours a year on prevention, nutrition, protection, safety and health issues.


We seek the preservation of the environment through sustainable activities that directly impact the communities where we operate, implementing practical solutions like water and energy control systems and the use of recycled materials. We abide by ethical principles in human rights, environment, labor standards and anti-corruption.


The innovation applied to the administrative systems, engineering, control, monitoring, coordination of projects and human resources have led us to stablish lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and employees.


Our Safety Policy is to achieve a safe work environment with zero accidents on site and to mantain this policy with companies that are working with us.

Security is an intrinsic part of our way of working and thus continue our well established reputation.


Our Quality Policy is to design and build to a level of quality that meets or exceeds the contractual requirements of our clients in a professional way, adhering to international codes and standards


We have introduced procedures for administrative, control, monitoring, quality, safety and coordination of projects like BIM  (Building Information Modeling) which centralizes the information of each project in a three-dimensional model and information in real time, optimizing resources and reducing costs.